Atlassian SDE Intern 2023

Sejal Maheshwari
2 min readSep 25, 2023


Hey everyone! I am Sejal Maheshwari and I was selected for SDE Internship at Atlassian & here I am writing down the application process and my experience.

About the Internship:

Atlassian hired for SDE Interns for 2 months summer internship off-campus in September 2022.

Internship Duration : May to July 2023

Application Process:

  1. Application Form:
  • The application form asked for some personal details.

Almost all the eligible candidates got the test link.

2. Online Coding Round: (in October 2022)

  • Conducted on HackerRank Platform.
  • Duration : 90 minutes
  • 4 coding questions
  • Level of Test : Medium to Hard

My Experience:

  • 1 easy question on Arrays.
  • 2 medium questions on Strings and Dynamic Programming.
  • 1 hard question on 3D Dynamic Programming.

I solved 3 questions fully and 1 partially (11/15 tc passed).

Got the shortlist mail for interviews.

3. Technical Interview: (in November 2023)

  • Duration: 40–45 mins
  • DSA Question or Real Life Based Problem to solve using Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Level of Interview : Medium to Hard

My experience:

  • Was asked a Real Life Based Problem to solve using most appropriate Data Structure and Algorithm.
  • Thing covered in Interview : Brute Force and it’s Time Complexity, Optimized Approach and its time complexity , Code and then dry run over some test cases.
  • Some theory based questions and internal working of STL containers.

Solved the question and answered all the theory based questions.

Got shortlisted for second interview.

4. Managerial and Values Interview: (same day as Technical Interview)

  • Duration: 40–45 mins
  • HR based questions
  • No technical questions

My experience:

  • I was asked about college life, past achievements.
  • Some Situational Based Questions with past experiences like:
  • Do you believe in sharing your knowledge and any past experience on this?
  • Any day someone took decision for you but you were against it, what did you do? with some past experience
  • and many more questions like this.

Result: In January 2023, Got the selection mail for the Summer Internship.

If you have any other query, feel free to connect on LinkedIn .



Sejal Maheshwari

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